Saturday, October 08, 2005

I AM Logan Allen. . .

You remember those commercials with Tiger Woods. He slams the ball down the fairway and turns to the camera and says "I am Tiger Woods." This little girl lands a gymnastics move and says "I am Tiger Woods." Well, I'm no Tiger Woods, but I AM LOGAN ALLEN!

Logan Allen is my imagination and my inner existence of an outside world. That is why we'll keep this enjoyable bio-dome, my own personal random thoughts. . .

Little about me.

I'm a university student in the Lonestar State. I'm disgruntled with having to pay inflated tuition rates for what I believe is a sub-par education. Love getting bent over handing over a couple of grand that I've sweat to make over the last couple of months. I'm simple yet complex, fun but boring, conservatively, liberal or a fence-sitter. I'm interested in sports, politics, religion, why things are the way the are, and questioning everything. I daydream, listen to all types of music. Dave Matthews is in my Cd player, Staind is playing on my computer, ESPN radion is playing in my truck, SheDaisy is playing at work, Eddie Money is the background. I am interested in all walks of life and everyones tick, tocks. I play guitar, video games, play fantasy sports, live vicariously through myself. I get stressed and worry about money, don't sleep much, eat way to much fast food, don't save enough money, work to much, waste too much time, and busy and busy and busy til I am bored. I'm cheap but flaunt it. . .I do dish not cable. . . I don't have a DVD player - I have a playstation. I have a white dog that looks cream because she is dirty. I wish I had her energy - she runs about like her ass is on fire. . I love the internet and test driving cars that I can't afford. I buy don't rent unless it is an apartment. I don't do inlaws or hurricanes in the dirty south. I love little corns on the cob and hate fried okra. I've got more guitars then some people have teeth. I don't date my sister and always kissed on the first date. . I'm interesting - are you asleep yet? I've lived all over the West and no desire to live back East or overseas but I'd love to live in Australia. Are you confused yet? Get used to it - that's me - I AM LOGAN ALLEN! It only gets better from here. .



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