Saturday, October 08, 2005

Whiney Orange v. Zero U - Who yuh got?

Biggest college game of the year for you UT fans. . . This might be the year that Texas finally beats Oklahoma.

Keys to the game - Maddam No - Mayor Laura Miller of Dallas better pray the Cotton Bowl does not cave in on this game. After their 2007 contract is up - these two teams will NEVER play in the Dallas again. Dallas refuses to spend tax dollars on sports, period! Mark my words.

Vince Young must be huge. Not only with is legs but he must be able to convert on 3rd down throwing the ball and get the Horns in the endzone. They must also never come away empty inside the redzone. Young must show America that he is going to contend with Matt Leinhart and Reggie Bush for the Heisman.

If Oklahoma is going to have any prayer of a chance this year - I have two names for you. Bob Stoopes and Adrian Petersen must have career days. If there is one team that Stoopes and Zero U can beat it is Mack Brown and the Whiney Orange. Adrian Petersen, from Palestine, Texas, must blow up. Once again, if Zero U will have any chance - A.P. must rush for at least 150 yards and not turnover the football. Young Q.B. Bomar must make good decisions and not turnover the football. The Oklahoma offense lives on the big play - the must come up big in this department.

Have fun down at the Texas State Fair and enjoy some good ol' college football. I've got the Longhorns impaling Zero U by at least 2 scores. I'm taking Texas by 17! Who yuh got?

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