Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Have you every been so tired that your eyebrows felt like 100 pound barbells? I mean I am tired as hell. I have been sicker than a dogg for a couple of days and drinking cough syrup like shots of Jack. Unfortunatly, I took the night time stuff during the day time and I fell like a zombie. Life is stressful and too much work makes me sick and tired. I throw myself into things so far that I cannot get out. I have a high level of commitment and have a hard time saying no to work related responsibilities. I have a kid who does not like to sleep at night and a wife who does so well with that. Or at least she does not cry about it to me. When I get home at the end of a long day they are my only release from my school, work, and other responsibilities rat race.

I think sleep is one of my favorite recreational activities. I wish I could go to sleep for like 12 hours with no interuptions. My birthday is coming soon maybe I can get that wrapped up and put under my Christmas Tree for my birthday.

I just got promoted in my current job with no extra money and no other benefits. I am an idiot. More responsibility and the same lame pay. I also graduate in May from my presitigous university in the Lone Star State. All that and I have a family - where does the time go? I put in my 16 hour day and there is not much to do but hit the hay and pray you wake up the next morning. There has to be more to life than this? But there is not and I'll stop complaining.

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